Sitemap - 2022 - Local Authority

The £2 bus fare cap is upon us

2022 in Local Authority

Medway plans for December

Corbyn supporting councillor joins Conservatives

Nobody knows anything

Inequality in the Medway

Medway gets a new independent councillor

What Steven asked the Medway Penguin

The Medway Gift Guide

Former MP guilty of child sex abuse image offences

December Event Guide

Up a blind alley

We can't even build a phone mast now

Requiem for a scene

Chaos with Vince Maple

Medway Council is on the edge of bankruptcy

Democracy inaction

Liquid Natural Power

Seven candidates prepare to fight a by-election. Seven!

Medway plans for November

The man who wants to run Medway

Half of all households in Medway are facing deprivation

Six months until we elect a new council

Winter is coming

Our short bus strike autumn is over

November Event Guide

Politically Restricted

A chaotic week for our three MPs

The Chatham on the edge of the world

The centre, and what's left

Southeastern “simplifies” timetable by removing services

A view to a kill, subject to planning permission

Medway plans for October

Bye bye bus

The administration, the opposition, and the unexpected by-election

What Steven asked Medway Council Leader Alan Jarrett

Affordable homes too expensive to build, says developer of £400,000 flats

October Event Guide

Nothing to declare

Deprivation in Medway is literally all over the place

The Medway video jukebox

What is past is prologue

The Medway guide to mourning

Medway plans for September

Medway has changed a lot in the past few years

Buses in Medway are going to get a lot cheaper. For a little while. In the height of winter

Eight more months of this to go

An overly annotated abridged potted internet history of the Medway Unitary Authority

Our infrastructure is literally collapsing into the river

September Event Guide

What Keevil asked Local Authority founder Ed Jennings

Possibly the most exploitative “home” in Medway

Private home renting in Medway is out of control

Medway bus drivers are going on strike

Happy birthday to us!

Medway Hospital doesn’t cope well with cyber attack

Medway plans for August

Taxis in Medway are going to get more expensive

A perfect storm is hitting Medway politics

Build over Medway’s golf courses

August Event Guide

The very public implosion of the Medway Conservatives

The Rochester that relies on sick people

Nobody loves Rehman

Medway plans for July

Rehman Chishti wants to be the next Prime Minister

Change is coming, in one form or another

Planning control in Medway is completely ineffective

July Event Guide

Medway Council rejects Medway Council plan to put solar panels on roof of Medway Council

Renting a home in Medway is a gruelling experience

Your house might soon be underwater

The Medway video jukebox

Donor gives Rehman Chishti money, Chishti supports development plans of donor

Medway plans for June

Nothing says Medway like setting some pallets on fire and calling them jubilee beacons

The Strood that isolates 7,000 people

The Alan Jarrett regime is over

June Event Guide

We can stop talking about city status for now

There's a chance your favourite film was shot in Medway

Medway is being levelled down

Medway plans for May

We're stuck with the Casino Rooms a while longer yet

The audacity of nope

Nigel Farage came back to Medway and no one threw a milkshake at him this time

May Event Guide

Potholes, fracking, and accusations of racism

The Rochester that is nearly in Scotland

Medway Tories are tearing each other apart

Medway plans for April

Turn the Casino Rooms into a Waitrose

The Medway video jukebox

Rochester Cathedral should pay their cafe staff

April Event Guide

Talking crap

Two years of pandemic Medway

Thread: Community notice board

Rehman Chishti gets a 23% pay rise on his second job

Maybe the smallest Medway in the world

Thread: Where should we build the bloody houses?

This is why we can't have nice things

Medway plans for March

Thread: Let's talk city status

£110 to watch James Blunt and use a "premium toilet"

Songs about Medway

Introducing Local Authority threads

Your council tax is going up 3% but there's £95,000 to spend on the Queen's jubilee.

Interesting things happening in March

It's a bit windy

Could the Tories lose their grip on Medway?

Reaping, sowing, rejecting, building

Big Medway plans for February

Lots of people visit Medway, even in a pandemic

The tiny, tiny Medway in Nova Scotia

Let’s talk about the bus, baby

Interesting things happening in February

A socially distanced Medway Council meeting with little social distancing

Medway video rodeo

Our MPs are suspiciously quiet on Downing Street parties

Big Medway plans for January

Rehman takes another trip

What lies ahead for Medway in 2022?