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Local Authority is the project of Ed Jennings and Steven Keevil, who were involved in local politics before becoming disillusioned and writing about it instead. They have been covering the goings on at Medway Council for a decade now, starting as citizen journalists tweeting out proceedings before moving to local blogging, and finally widening their remit to all kinds of Medway news and setting up Local Authority as a new type of independent news outlet for our towns.

Awards and testimonials

2023 Kent Press & Broadcast Awards WINNER for Kent News Website of the Year
2023 Kent Press & Broadcast Awards WINNER for Columnist of the Year

2022 Pride in Medway nominee for Community Service.

“Heroic and trailblazing .. doing a great job filling the gap left by legacy media across its coverage of local politics, planning, culture and well, everything else you’d want from a local news publication.” - James O’Malley

“Better than the Observer and cheaper too.” - Medway Council Leader Vince Maple

“I’m very much enjoying Ed’s newsletter. Even if you’re not local I think there’s lots to enjoy” - Ben Cameron

“Informative and funny! .. If you live in Medway and aren't reading Ed's weekly email you're missing out.” - Carl Jeffrey

“A great read.” - Future Chatham

“Informative and entertaining.” - Andrew Dennis

“F***ing hilarious, yet informative.” - Candy Penfold

“The first one was quite okay.” - Ed’s mum

Local Authority is published by Medwayish Ltd, Valiant Suite, Second Chance Community Centre, Brompton Hill, Chatham, ME4 4XL.

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Independent Medway news covering local news, politics, culture, and the weirder side of our towns.


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Local news bore. Recovering gig promoter. Medway, Kent, UK. He/him.