Sitemap - 2023 - Local Authority

Michael Gove comes for Medway

2023 in Local Authority

"I feel it is my primary role to promote Medway"

Red routes vs reality

December Planning Report

Christmas presents for Medway Buffs

"It doesn't have to be all foam and jelly"

No affordable homes, no financial contribution, and dangerous pedestrian access

The Medwayish Gift Guide

The down from London myth

"There is something in our human DNA which rewards us for singing"

Where in the world is Rehman Chishti this time?

December Event Guide

"My parents were both fictitious"

New Chatham Docks plans have a sense of déjà vu

Six months of Labour-controlled Medway

"I was successful in getting the council to acknowledge that the River Medway has rights"

Medway Council finds £5m, tries not to panic about the other £50m

Will a new manager mean a new start for Gillingham?

An evening of Medway Poetry and Song

“Our social life is the ship.”

Protesters target BAE Systems in Rochester

More annoying than dangerous

November Planning Report

"I know how to do a lot of the things, I could hit the ground running"

Gun Wharf is falling down. Maybe.

How extreme is poverty in Medway?

November Event Guide

"There are record stores in America that will have a Medway section"

The Great Lines might get its music festival after all

Voice of the Leader

Voice of the Opposition

“You need to take charge, don't just accept what people are force feeding you”

Medway collectively loses its mind over Christmas lights

The Medway video jukebox

Can Gillingham steady the ship?

“I don’t call you an English user. I am a British signer, you are an English speaker, simple as that.”

Medway Council’s theatre “inclusion” ethos apparently has a line

Medway plans for October

The photographer documenting Medway as therapy

“There are huge parts of our society that need to change”.

Hospital bed numbers in Medway continue to decline

Our town centres aren't ready for the post-retail future

"Medway people are your rebels. They are your force for good and that scares people"

Medway gets a new park, kind of

October Event Guide

"A bad Local Plan is worse than no Local Plan"

Medway Council ‘very likely’ to declare bankruptcy

On borders and exploitation

“You can’t beat being involved in your hometown club”

Has war been declared on Medway’s motorists?

Medway plans for September

“The hardest thing is finding new bands in Medway”

The Local Plan rises once again

“I could easily fill 4 or 5 days worth of work into every single day and still have stuff outstanding”

School buses fail to run on first day of school year

September Event Guide

“Chatham High Street definitely has that role of being at the centre of the community”

David Icke’s secret tour of the suburbs

It's not Medway, it's Medwayish

“I'm not somebody who would choose to socialise with people who are Tories”

Medway taxi drivers want to remain in the past

It's our birthday and we'll post if we want to

Medway plans for August

“I prefer to be the grit in the system”

The 4 Wilko problem

We almost had a cable car

“A parish councillor is sometimes expected to do more than a unitary authority councillor”

Medway Council overspend risks collapse of services

Listen: Medway Question Time

August Event Guide

“I don’t think we've finished with Waghorn yet”

Southeastern’s shambolic ticket office consultation

Voice of the Opposition

Voice of the Leader

“What I detest is that kind of bickering that goes on between the two parties”

Rehman Chishti gifted £12,000 trip by Saudi organisation

The HIF blame game begins

You're reading the Kent News Website of the Year

“I don't feel my soul is validated unless I'm doing something that that means something to me.”

Another chaotic year of the Rochester Castle Concerts

Medway plans for July

"I had my appraisal with the electorate, I hadn’t met my objectives, and that was it"

Red routes are coming to Medway

The 117 year old barge you can sail down the Medway

"We are part of a generation that are able to see this isn't right and needs changing"

Medway's existential crisis

July Event Guide

The announcements edition

"I can understand why people don't want party politics and policing to mix"

Can Kent really be running out of water after a few hot days?

Is Medway deaf to the needs of the hard of hearing community?

“I've gone through a few different types of job titles”

What does Chatham look like in 2050?

Medway plans for June

"I’m only going to be an interim leader"

Medway's School Streets aren’t part of a globalist conspiracy

Medway's housing market is broken

Voice of the Leader

"We've assembled something that Medway doesn't always get and 95% of it is free"

Labour candidates prepare for fresh election battle

Monitoring Medway

June Event Guide

"Medway is the most amazing and the most frustrating place"

MCH staff to receive pay rise after all

The Medway video jukebox

“I’m still not a Thatcherite Tory”

Medway trains to get contactless ticketing system

261 people turned away from voting in Medway

Medway plans for May

Fear and loathing on the campaign trail

"I believe in socialist values. Some political opponents throw it around like it's some hand grenade of fear"

10 things we learnt from the local elections

Labour take control of Medway Council for the first time

Red dawn

It's election eve in Medway

May Event Guide

Peninsula planning wars reach High Halstow

Medway Asks 2023

Listen: The Battle for Gun Wharf

Great Lines festival organisers finally give up

What we learnt from the Battle for Gun Wharf

Medway Predicts 2023

Rehman Chishti claims over £17,000 for second home in less than a year

Medway plans for April

Pothole luck

Developers block children from using play areas

The 186 people that want to run Medway

What Steven asked outgoing Medway Council Chief Executive Neil Davies

Medway Council abandons plans for new rail connection

The Pursuit of Medway Happiness

April Event Guide

Rehman Chishti MP gifted £11,000 trip by Saudi parliament

Barely any crimes are solved in Medway

Vote early, vote often

Medway Council brings the noise (abatement notices)

Our reader survey results

A Few Good Men

Medway’s free parking offer is a recipe for confusion

Medway plans for March

What Steven asked Medway comic publisher and Breakthrough Party activist Ian Sharman

Meet the new MPs, same as the old MPs

The administration, the opposition, the smackdown

More chaos with Vince Maple

Promoters of Great Lines music festival push on despite council saying no

March Event Guide

The blue boards keeping you safe since 2009

Most bus fares in Medway to remain capped at £2 until June

A St. Mary's Island in the Arabian Sea

Why I'm still talking to white people about race

Developer miraculously finds money for affordable homes

Medway plans for February

What Steven asked The Flowers of Srebrenica creators Aidan Hehir and David Frankum

Medway can't even keep its swimming pools warm

The Medway Tories have a woman problem

February Event Guide

Medway finally gets a Waitrose

The Medway video jukebox

With no power comes no responsibility?

Medway isn't being levelled up

Medway plans for January

Medway is led by donkeys

A new (slightly rubbish) music festival for Medway

Local election time is nearly upon us

Looking into the Chatham Pocket

Covid death toll in Medway reaches 1000

What Steven asked Medway Elects creator and political journeyman Alan Collins

January Event Guide