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Listen: Medway Question Time

Listen: Medway Question Time

Listen to our recent event in full

A break from the usual Local Authority schedule today as we bring you the recording from our recent Medway Question Time event at MidKent College.

Medway Question Time is an opportunity to question prominent Medway figures, and our first event covered issues such as our High Streets, improving active travel, housing, and yes, Brexit.

Our panel for this event features:

  • Vince Maple, Leader of Medway Council

  • Elizabeth Turpin, Deputy Leader of Medway Conservative Group

  • Cat Jamieson, Medway Green Party

  • Simon Cook, Chair of Medway Place Board

  • Rose Stokes, Vice Chair of Medway Youth Council

It’s a good-natured and wide-ranging discussion of questions that were all submitted by the audience in the room. The audio quality isn’t necessarily perfect (we’ll work on that!), but it’s pretty good and perfectly listenable on the most part.

We’ll be holding more Medway Question Time events in the coming months, and you’ll be hearing about our next one very shortly.

Medway Question Time at MidKent College.

Time stamps for finding individual discussions:

  • 0:00 - Introduction

  • 3:31 - What is your or your organisation’s main priority for the coming year?

  • 12:46 - What would you like to see planned for Medway’s High Streets?

  • 25:46 - With increasing interest rates pushing up rents and mortgages, how will young people ever be able to make their step into independence?

  • 38:41 - What can be done to make Medway a more attractive place to live for frontline professionals like GPs and teachers?

  • 50:19 - We’ve already seen a move to look at School Streets in Medway, but what else should be done to encourage active travel?

  • 1:05:18 - Why are we ignoring Brexit as a major socioeconomic, political, and environmental disaster for the people of Medway, especially our young people?

  • 1:23:48 - Conclusion


No music was listened to during the creation of this edition, just the sweet, sweet tones of our Medway Question Time panelists.

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