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Listen: Chatham and Aylesford hustings

Listen: Chatham and Aylesford hustings

Listen to our recent debate between the parliamentary candidates in full

This week, we held the third and final of our General Election hustings, and today, we’re able to bring you a recording from the event.

Our debate was a chance to question candidates standing to represent Chatham and Aylesford in parliament.

Our own Steven Keevil and candidates Kim Winterbottom (Green), Matt Valentine (Workers), Nicholas Chan (Lib Dem), Steve Tanner (SDP), Thomas Mallon (Reform), and Tris Osborne (Labour)

The candidates taking part are:

  • Nicholas Chan (Liberal Democrat)

  • Thomas Mallon (Reform)

  • Tris Osborne (Labour)

  • Steve Tanner (Social Democratic Party)

  • Matt Valentine (Workers Party)

  • Kim Winterbottom (Green)

Unfortunately, Nathan Gamester (Conservative) chose not to participate in the debate.

It was a well-rounded, occasionally robust, but most civil debate between the candidates, and the attendees submitted an excellent range of questions.

Our Chatham and Aylesford General Election hustings

Time stamps for finding individual discussions:

  • 0:30 - Introduction

  • 4:00 - Candidates introduce themselves

  • 17:45 - What would be your main priority if elected, and what would success look like?

  • 29:12 - Will you pledge to protect the NHS from privatisation and keep it free to all at the point of need?

  • 39:45 - What are you going to do to ensure that Chatham and Aylesford keeps up with its commitment to climate change?

  • 51:04 - What are you going to do about housing the homeless?

  • 1:00:16 - What are you going to do about anti-social behaviour?

  • 1:09:50 - What would you do to restore public trust in politicians?

  • 1:20:00 - How are you going to improve education?

  • 1:29:14 - Why should a motorcyclist vote for you?

  • 1:36:22 - Candidate closing remarks

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