I hope Jake succeeds in his venture. He seems sincere in his endeavours.

I think part of the problem regarding men struggling more with their mental health may be, in part, due to the fact they are taught from an early age to "man up" and, "Don't be a sissy". "Men don't cry" etc. It's better these days, but there's a long way to go. All these idioms lead to the toxic masculinity that Jake mentions. Men feel the need to suppress their feelings.

You change the world one step at a time, however small the step.

Jake seems to realize that. Well done.

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May 18·edited May 18

Is it me or was there an almost sly, "damning with faint praise" vibe to the Wagamama review? The double use of "chaos", a mixed-up order, delayed slaw that "isn't great" and yet the place "doesn't disappoint"? Presumably that means the expectation was low going in, and that bar was met rather than cleared.

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