Plus buskers are put on notice, Cllr Lammas' very bad week, Paddock plans scaled back, and more
A whole bunch of police data that doesn't paint a cheerful picture
But don't forget your photo ID
Plus Asda tries to dominate Rochester, train fares get silly, and Medway Council spends a lot of money on pointless endeavours.
On demographics, new community features, advertising, and events
Just how many Conservative councillors will survive the upcoming election?
Plus councillors have no idea what is happening, Medway's gender pay gap, and hardman Lammas is coming for bike thieves
Houses! Flats! Factories that build houses!
On comics, leaving the Labour Party, and waiting for a breakthrough.
Plus the battle for Gun Wharf is upon us, full Castle Concerts lineup, and the very large table has arrived!
With two months until local elections, things are heating up

February 2023

Would Medway have been strong and stable under a 2015 Labour administration?