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Mar 31, 2023

Local Authority is Medway’s leading local newsletter. We have been publishing for nearly two years and our mailing list of free and paid subscribers continues to grow.

We cover Medway news, politics, culture, and the weirder side of our towns. We have built a reputation for public service, digging into local stories that might otherwise be overlooked, and holding politicians of all parties to account in a ‘fair, informed and often funny way.’

Every Friday we release a free newsletter covering a wide range of news and current events to all subscribers, which is also available via social media.

We have two or three further editions each week that go out to paid subscribers. This includes a series of one-to-one long-read interviews with significant Medway figures, essays on a range of issues, event guides, local planning reports, and lots more.

We have an exciting opportunity to advertise as the sole sponsor of our Friday edition to uplift awareness about your business and ensure the citizens of Medway know who you are and what value you bring to our towns.

Some key information about our readers


  • They split evenly between male and female

  • 93% live in Medway

  • 49% are aged between 25-54

  • 10% are LGBTQIA+

  • 53% are educated to at least an undergraduate degree level

  • Almost three-quarters are homeowners, with 45% having an income over £35,000

  • We are read by politicians, public officials, journalists, business owners, and artists - the movers and shakers of Medway

  • 1,250+ subscribers on our mailing list

  • Average 2,100+ readers of each Friday edition (mailing list and web views)

  • 66% open rate for our newsletters

We are currently offering sole sponsorship of our Friday newsletter from May for surprisingly competitive rates.

If this sounds like something that appeals to you, email to have a chat about advertising with us.

Local Authority is a trading name of Medwayish Ltd, Valiant Suite, Community Centre, Brompton Hill, ME4 4XL.


Demographic data from Feb 2023 reader survey, readership figures correct as of April 2023.